September Brand Feature: CALLOWFIT

You make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. However, you still want your meal to taste delicious. After all, one of life’s greatest joys is eating. However, enjoying all of the flavour while remaining loyal to healthy-eating objectives might feel difficult at times.

Photo Credit: CALLOWFIT



At CALLOWFIT they don’t believe that being kind to yourself should be difficult. They don’t see why the healthiest choice can’t also be the tastiest. Their own love of delicious flavours inspired them to create a line of outstanding sauces. Which are ideal in helping you live a healthy but delicious life; their sauces provide 100% of the flavour,  yet, they contain no fat and no added sugars. 

Their name is an acronym that stands for CALorie LOW FITness. Originally, they made sports nutrition, but in 2015, they saw a rising demand among fitness enthusiasts for sauces that actually tasted delicious while still fitting into a balanced diet. Those available at the time didn’t bring any joy because zero-calorie sauces also meant minimal flavour and a poor consistency. They set out to solve the problem.

They began to imagine how amazing it would be to have sauces that tasted excellent while being low in calories, thanks to the elimination of additional sugars and fats. Not only that, but also free from lactose, gluten, and animal products. Callowfit was created in the years that followed. They soon created a name for themselves in Germany with their initial six delicious flavours. Other countries quickly fell in love too with their low-calorie sauces.

Those original six flavours were hardly the beginning. Callowfit is now available in over 30 countries worldwide. After all, health-conscious eating appeals to more than just fitness enthusiasts. In addition to gyms, nutrition experts, and specialty stores, their sauces are now available in a growing number of supermarkets, including Dunnes in Ireland.

What’s not to enjoy about making healthy choices? Without gluten, lactose, added sugar, aspartame, fat and animal products.  Meanwhile, Callowfit is continuing to develop more and more flavours and attract more and more fans.

You can find CALLOWFIT at selected Dunnes Stores, or via. Dunnes Online. 

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