June Brand Feature:
Califia Farms

It’s Califia Farms, pronounced Cal-uh-FEE-ahh.

Photo Credit: Califia Farms

Califia Farms: What Plants Can Do

They’re named after the mythology of Queen Califia, just like their California birthplace. Califa produces a comprehensive range of plant-based dairy-free products that are oh-so-easy to enjoy without compromising the flavour or versatility you deserve.

People occasionally ask them what makes them tick. And, because they’re new to Europa, we felt it would be a wonderful time to tell you about Califia Farms.

In a word: plants.

We can all agree that our earth requires a better, more sustainable food system. So, too, do our bodies. Califia Farms believes there is only one answer – and it is blooming all around us all the time.

Plants can do nourishment. And energy. Plants can do social responsibility. And Direct Trade. Plants can do creamy or spicy or tart or sweet. And if you need it in a grab-and-go single-serve, plants can do that, too. What they’re trying to say is: plants can feed our future.

Every day, they work to create a plant-based future by combining ancient ingredients, contemporary processes, and a little innovation to make it more sustainable, accessible, healthful, nourishing, and tasty than ever before.

That’s how they came up with the idea for the world’s first dairy-free, nitrogen-infused cold brew latte in a bottle. And a trio of homemade nut milks with ingredients that are simple and straightforward enough to list right here. (Nuts, oat bran, sea salt, and coconut cream) And maca root and plant protein-enhanced almond milk.

These aren’t simply drinks. They represent a new way of looking at food. Plant-based innovation, sustainably sourced ingredients, and thoughtfully created to nourish you and yours — and to inspire the world with the wisdom of a plant-based lifestyle.

Because that’s what will lead to a healthier food system for our planet and all the people on it. They believe plants have bottomless potential. This means: so do we.

You can now find Califia Farms worldwide. In Ireland, you can find them in-store or online at Dunnes & SuperValu.

If you’d like to stock Califia Farms in Ireland, please contact us here.