Pizza da Piero isn’t just a typical item on your weekly shop. It’s an Italian pizza base which can turn a rainy afternoon into a time filled with memories for the whole family.

Photo Credit: Pizza da Piero

Pizza da Piero: The Artisan Pizza Company

Gianpiero De Vallier (Piero) is an Italian artisan baker with over 25 years of experience in bakeries around Europe. In November 2007, he founded The Artisan Pizza Company (better known as Pizza da Piero) with the help of his Irish wife Cliona. Since then, he has introduced the best quality handmade pizza bases to the Irish market.

Piero and his crew handcraft Piero’s Pizza Bases in Rathcoole, Co Dublin. Each base has just 365 calories, meaning you can make authentic Italian pizza at home in five minutes.

Piero meticulously handcrafts these bases to add true Italian artisan flavour to your kitchen table. The bases are created with solely natural ingredients and fermented for more than two days using the sourdough method. Because it requires so much expertise and time, other bread and pizza producers seldom utilise this method. As a consequence, their dough is extremely healthy, digestible, and bursting with real Italian flavour.

Their Story

Piero and Cliona had a busy summer in 2007, as they married at Lake Bled in Slovenia and decided while on their honeymoon that Piero would market his wonderful pizza bases. He’d been an artisan bread maker for 15 years at that point, and he’d developed his own recipe for these incredible pizza bases using a blend of flours and the sourdough process.

They were living in their terraced house in The Coombe at the time and were overjoyed to obtain a booth at the Dublin Food Coop organic market, which was just a short walk down the road from their house. Every Thursday and Saturday, they set up shop in the market and sold their pizzas, either as cooked pizza with a variety of toppings or in bags of three. The response they received was fantastic, and the input was really beneficial. It provided Piero and Cliona with valuable market and product knowledge.

They quickly realised that Piero needed a larger place if we were to continue growing the business. To keep logistics as easy as possible, they began looking for a facility near our own Europa Foods headquarters in Rathcoole. Despite the fact that it took several years to find the perfect place, they were able to do so with a little perseverance and a lot of determination. Today, they consider themselves extremely lucky to be in their own location, where Piero has the ability to expand and grow their small business, which presently employs 10 devoted and hardworking employees.

If you’d like to try these delicious, award-winning pizza bases and sauces, you can find them in-store or online at Tesco, Dunnes & SuperValu.

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