Rosie & Jim is an Irish chicken production company who supply Distributors to the Retail, Foodservice and Catering trades.

McLoughlins have farmed in County Laois for five generations, a rich farming tradition at the core of what Rosie and Jim do - producing delicious wholesome food using finest quality ingredients.

Rosie & Jim are producing our great tasting chicken products since 1997, offering a convenient and nutritious option which compliments today's busy lifestyle.

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Product NameCase Quantity
Southern Fried Fresh Goujons4kg
Kiev Standard20
Maryland Standard20
Southern Fried Drumsticks30
Southern Fried Fillets 20
Southern Fried Goujons4kg
Plain Breaded Goujons4kg
Plain Breaded Drumsticks30
Large Kiev 20
Large Maryland20
Large Cordon Bleu12
Large Lemon20
Mexican Enchilada Wrap Standard20
Mexican Enchilada Wrap Large12
Tikka Enchilada Wrap Standard20
Tikka Enchilada Wrap Large12
Kiev Small32
Maryland Small32
Southern Fried Fillets Small32
Kiev 6
Mexican & Tikka Enchiladas Wraps6
Southern Fried Fillets6
Southern Fried & Plain Goujons 6
Cordon Bleu 6
Plain Goujons4 x 1kg
Southern Fried Goujons6 x 1kg
Salt & Chilli Breaded Goujons6 x 1kg
Southern Fried Goujons6 x 1kg
Plain Goujons6 x 1kg
Chicken Chunks in Batter6 x 1kg
Chicken Chunks in Bread Crumbs6 x 1kg
Supreme Kiev 20
Supreme Maryland20
Product Category: Poultry, Meat & Fish