High-quality is our food philosophy – one that’s been years in the making. The Knorr story starts back in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened the first Knorr® kitchen in Heilbronn, Germany, supplying chicory to the coffee industry.

He began to experiment with drying vegetables and seasonings, to preserve nutrition and flavour, which led to the launch of the first Knorr® dried soups across Continental Europe in 1873.

This breakthrough ushered in a string of advancements, from the introduction of the nutritious ‘Erbswurst’, or pea soup, in 1889, to our pioneering Knorr® European sauce mix in 1908.

Carl Heinrich Knorr’s passion and innovation lives on today through our Knorr® chefs.

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Product NameCase Quantity
Knorr Stockpot Chicken 4's4x28g
Knorr Stockpot Vegetable 4's4x28g
Knorr Stockpot Beef 4's4x28g
Product Category: Stock & Seasoning